CASSA Soccer

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Club Fees

2018/2019 CASSA Player Fees
U9-U15* players ($330), U15*-U19 ($230) players only play one season

1.    Referee Fees
2.    Referee Assignor Fees
3.    League Registration Costs to GVSA
4.    Player Insurance 
5.    Field Maintenance / Usage (Boomer Park Fields)
6.    Player Registration Cards
7.    State Licensed Head Coaches
9.    All administrative costs
10.  Fall Season playing 8 games in the GVSA League
11.  Spring Season playing 8 games in the GVSA League
12.  Fall Tournament
13.  Spring Tournament
14.  Keeper Training
15.  Summer Training Camp

Multi-Child Discount

The club also offers a multi-child family discount of 25% per child for families with two or more young soccer athletes playing in our club. This multi-child discount does NOT get applied to the first child in the family. This discount only applies to club registration fees.


Registration fees do not include the cost of uniforms, which are now ordered separately through Team Gazelle's website and shipped directly to your home. Parents will be able to order complete uniform sets, individual items (socks, shorts, tops), and apparel. Team Gazelle will then ship your ordered items directly to your home, which cuts down on delivery time.

Uniforms include the following: • Two Jersey's (Home   Away) • One pair of shorts • One pair of socks

Please note that uniform longevity is approximately two (2) years. Current uniforms will be able to be used through the Spring season of 2019. However, in the Summer of 2019 the club more than likely will be going through a new uniform process starting with all teams that are formed in the Fall of 2019.

Note - Other CASSA gear is also available such as backpacks, pants, warm up jackets, sweatshirts, and t-shirts. These items are separate costs and are not required for each player to participate in our club.

*U15 players can span both 8th grade and high school freshman, those playing high school soccer only play the opposite season, therefore fall into the half season pricing. We will try our best to have full year teams in the U15 age group.

All registration fees due in full at registration night. A payment plan, if needed, can be arranged and signed at Registration with our CASSA Treasurer.